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A fresh start

Lipstick & Spurs

My website was crashing the ISP so I’ve had an unplanned rebuild.  In the process I’ve had to relearn a lot of concepts and software. Its interesting how much easier it is to learn new software when you understand the underlying theory. The first time I built a website I was learning a bazillion new concepts about the what and why while trying to master the how. 

Accounting software is much the same. If you dont understand the basics then you see the superficial differences.  You learn your way around the software you use, not knowing what more you could be getting from the infomation.  or how much easier new apps could make your life. 

It is my intention to write about the concepts, apps, tricks and anything else I thing may be of interest to the small business owner. 

Garnished with pretty pictures because, really, pictures of paperwork are not interesting.  This one is my choir – Lipsticks & Spurs. We sing country music and have a lot of fun.