Gecko Services

Bookkeeping and other techy/compliance stuff for hospitality and creative businesses

What we do

In September 2021, burnt out and not coping, I made the decision to scale back Gecko Services.  Keeping a handful of non clients and ceasing providing regular compliance work has allowed me to recover from the worst of the burnout. 

The tight deadlines of STP made it impossible to keep payroll clients compliant  in a healthy way for me and cost effective way for clients. Superannuation with the extremely unclear rulings around liabilities and the diabolic consequences for my clients if I got it wrong was the key contributor to my burnout.

Not quite ready to stop working I taking a leaf from a friend’s book and doing what feels right without thinking about the money side of things. At the moment what feels right is to write about things that might be useful or interesting. This may lead to some workshops and/or courses, we will see.