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Bookkeeping and other techy/compliance stuff for hospitality and creative businesses

Why Us

Our mission is to create financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable businesses for ourselves and our clients.

It is nice to do business with people who share your values. There is a common perception that business people are only interested in money: that all business people support the conservative side of politics and are only involved in a narrow range of community activities. In our experience nothing could be further from reality.

The entrepreneurial drive occurs in all levels and groups of society: young and old, men and women, progressive and conservative. The urge to create is politically neutral.

However, we have found that the infrastructure around business often assumes a conservative mindset. That all business owners are reluctant to pay taxes; to remunerate staff adequately; or to give back to the community.

We think differently. Building businesses creates wealth for the whole of the community. Financially sustainable businesses provide goods and services that benefit consumers, provide income to staff, and pay taxes that provide necessary services for the wider community. If you are creating value, it is reasonable for you to take a share of that value.

Environmentally sustainable businesses don’t mortgage our grand-children’s futures for today’s profit. It is not always the easiest or the cheapest option to move towards environmentally sustainable practices, but we believe it must be an important factor in all decision making. As the old adage says, No Planet = No jobs.

Keeping social sustainability in mind simply means that people are treated equally and respectfully. Good manners, really. Practising social sustainability will contribute to a community of confident and engaged people who do not feel alienated and disengaged.

So if you want bookkeepers who think these things are important – talk to us. We love business, we love our community and the environment, and we will work with you so that your business practices are aligned with your progressive beliefs.

Call me, call me, call me anytime (apologies to Blondie)

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