What is JobKeeper?

The Australian Government will reimburse eligible employers $1,500 per fortnight for each eligible employee from 1 April 2020 to October 2020. 

Business eligibility

In business – tax return or BAS since 1 July 2018.

At least one employee or eligible business participant.

A self assessed fall of 30% or more in revenue. Month this year compared to last year i.e. March 19 to March 20. (March 20 -March 19)/March 19 x 100 or alternative tests



Employee eligibility

Employed on March 1. 

Permanent or long term casual (at least 12 months)

1 in , all in. 

All eligible employees must be sent a JobKeeper employee nomination notice. 


The returned forms are not sent to the ATO but must be kept on file. 


Enrollment is thru either the Business Portal which you need MyGovID to access or your tax or BAS agent can do it on your behalf. 

The questions they ask are; 

Are you a charity?

Is your turnover under I billion dollars? 

Name of entity 

ABN of entity

Month turnover fell or is expected to fall 30%

Number of employees

Eligible Business participant?

Bank account: Name, BSB and account number (For the JobKeeper payments to go to)

Contact details: Name, Phone number, email address


Key initial actions and deadlines

Employee Nominations forms returned by April 30

All eligible employees must have received at least $3,000 gross for April. For the first month only the payment date is extended to May 8. 

JobKeeper setup in payroll software

The deadline for enrolling for April coverage is May 31. 

On-going actions

Payment to employees of at least $1500 gross each fortnight while receiving JobKeeper. 

Monthly reporting via STP compliant software which is the basis for the reimbursement.