Do it because it matters to them aka the glass on the sink

The blog post “She divorced me because I left dishes in the sink.” went viral in 2016 much
to the surprise of the author, Matthew Fray.
The gist was that the writer’s wife did not like drinking glasses left on the sink. She’d rather
they were put straight in the dishwasher. Fray thought this was a stupid thing to be
complaining about and didn’t change his ways. So now, the wife is an ex-wife.
While many might agree that this particular issue isn’t worth complaining about or
divorcing over, the lesson here is that if it matters to someone that you value/respect/love,
then it should matter to you. Even if you don’t get it. Don’t judge their “things”. Do it, simply
because it matters to them.
Stated as plainly as this, its obvious, and I think we all do it unconsciously a lot of the time.
Bringing it to light helps to understand that this concept can be applied in all areas of life.
As a bookkeeper, I think of it in business terms. If a client wants their chart of accounts to
show certain categories, then that’s how I do it – unless it’s illegal. If I think there are good
reasons not to do it the way they want it then I will explain the pros and cons. But, if after
that they still want it that way, then that’s the way it’s done.